Q345B seamless steel pipe knowledge

Q345B seamless steel pipe -Q345B seamless steel pipe is a lot of classification methods. According to manufacturing process classification: hot-rolled seamless pipe and cold-rolled seamless pipe. Classified by purpose: general structure is seamless Steel tubes, seamless steel tubes for conveying fluids, seamless steel tubes for medium and low pressure boilers, seamless steel tubes for high pressure boilers, by material: high quality carbon structural steel seamless steel tubes, low alloy structural steel seamless steel tubes, alloy steel seamless steel tubes . The use of seamless steel tubes is very extensive, can be used to machine into mechanical parts, used to transport liquids or gases, do drive bearings, and build rigid structures.

In the plate, Q345B seamless steel tube is a low alloy series. In low alloy materials, this material is the most common. The former name of Q345B seamless steel pipe is: 16Mn seamless steel pipe.

The external implementation standard of Q345B seamless steel pipe is: GB709, and the internal implementation standard is: GB/T1591-94.

Similar to the Q345B naming method.

Due to the implementation of standards, this steel plate allows negative tolerance delivery.

Q345 seamless steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe material. Q stands for the yield of this material. The 345 behind it refers to the yield value of this material, which is around 345. And as the thickness of the material increases its yield value decreases.

Q345A class is not to make impact; Q345B class is 20 degree normal temperature impact; Q345C class is 0 degree impact; Q345D class is -20 degree impact; Q345E class is -40 degree impact. At different impact temperatures, the impact value is also different.

Q345A, Q345B, Q345C, Q345D, Q345E. This is the distinction of grades, which represents the difference between the temperature of the impact and the difference!

Post time: Aug-05-2022