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We are Shandong Huitong Steel Co., Ltd. We provide one-stop trading services, including: design, quotation, inspection, packaging, delivery and installation to meet customer needs. We have many excellent experienced personnel. Our technical team combines advanced technology to provide sketch design and efficient project solutions. Our international sales staff can use professional knowledge to solve your problems. Our customers will always be respected because we meet all aspects of your personal needs.

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Advanced production management process, from production to delivery, efficient and fast.

  • What is the general specification of the steel plate? Steel material classification
    Everyone knows the steel plate. It is a kind of building material which is more common in the building. There are many places that can be used for steel plates. There are many kinds of steel plates. There are thin plates and thick plates. If you choose our needs, then the steel plate specificatio...
  • What are the standards for seamless pipes?
    Introduction of seamless pipe The production of seamless pipes is a complicated process. We take the production process of hot-rolled seamless steel pipes as an example. The first step is to check whether the good pipes are ready or not, and then heat and perforate the bad pipes. When the pipes a...